A few things about Recycling

Part of the reason we started Dollas was that we knew we had enough bottles. Some with and some without caps, lots of them.

We have always been a mayonnaise household. The workforce is specific about it, it must be smooth, it must be creamy, it must be tangy. Mayonnaise holds a special place of importance in our house. Unfortunately, it is expensive to make yourself especially if you want to use olive oil. So store-bought is preferable at the moment.

However, the economy is a thing that exists and inflation is a bitch, so over the years, we have experimented back and forth with brands, always ending up with an array of bottles.

In addition to our inherent picky-ness, Ma Dolla likes bottles.

No kidding, she likes bottles, especially clear glass bottles.

We like many households in South Africa and the world over shop with our hearts and our tastebuds. But there have been many an occasion where Ma Dolla would come home with products for the bottle’s sake.

We have endured tasteless artichoke hearts, plain and boring mayonnaise, and countless flavorless jams because Ma Dolla wanted the bottles.

She uses them for anything. Mostly fermenting foods and homemade jams and sauces. There are bottles that were bought in the 90s, we have moved bottles from Tzaneen, to Alberton, to Krugersdorp, to Durban, all over South Africa.

We have given bottles away, to charity shops, to friends, to strangers, to people we stop at the side of the road. Charity always near and dear to our hearts.

We do not call it recycling, Ma Dolla says: “Waste not, want not.” Sometimes the sauces she makes are so strong we do not trust plastic, Ma Dolla tends to choose against it.

When it comes to recycling we try to do our bit for mother earth and the sea and the whales and the dolphins and the tortoises. Luckily we are in a community that is passionate about recycling and our plastics are taken care of by local entrepreneurs.

However, we also think we can do more with what we have and harm the world less. So here are a few of Dollas tips for living a bit more waste-free.

Tip 01

As already discussed, reuse glass products. Luckily we are in a business that allows for personalization, so we reuse beer bottles, mayonnaise, and honey bottles.

This demands a certain presence of mind when shopping. We tend to look at bottles that will pack easy, some brand labels wash off easier than others, and most bottles can use the same lids.

The best way to remove glue from a bottle is with lemon juice.

Tip 02

Reuse plastic products.

We have tried in vain to make the moniker Mister Dollas stick to our fearless leader and Chief Executive Officer, but our community resisted. From now on Mister Dollas is called Papa Dollas.

Papa Dollas will not be his first nickname though, in high school he was called Camel. He could empty a whole dam, and we as his offspring are part camel too. We drink water constantly, for many health reasons but also nose burps are not fun.

We have been reusing plastic water bottles for ages. Most we throw away when they are really and truly used up. We tried glass water bottles, but perhaps it is our habit of plastic or just general carelessness, we broke near all of them. Plus they need to be washed ever so often, so choose your troubles.

Tip 03

Here is something small, but we do not wrap any food in cling plastic.

When we have leftovers we cover it with a lid, or a dishcloth. When we use foil or plastic wrap we do so sparingly.

The discussion of recycling is a discussion of damage control and it gets to be emotional and depressing super quick.

We know we cannot save the world with one recycled mayonnaise bottle, but applying more thought to your purchases will keep that nasty guilty feeling at bay.

Happy Monday guys, and stay green.

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