Art in the Garden

Dollas’ first art exhibition was held on the green lawn at Molly’s Speakeasy. A true community effort held for the enjoyment of our guests and to promote local artists. A special thanks again to Eugene Goosen, owner and community enthusiast at Molly’s.

The idea to have an open-air art exhibit in our village was born out of necessity, artsy fartsy Dolla’s studio was overflowing and something had to be done about that. The first steps were taken to make it happen, Molly’s Speakeasy supported us immediately. We played around with the date for a bit, but decided, in the end, to go with a long weekend and locals supported us gladly for the garden experience at Molly’s is a kindness to the soul.

Excellent artists reacted to our invitation and for one brilliant day with excellent weather and fine nostalgic tunes we enjoyed each other’s company.

The baby of the group was Alyx Sheasby, it was her first exhibition, a personal feat of courage. She sold her first painting and went home with bright shiny eyes. We look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Henley resident Errol Scott and his fine landscapes and personal sense of humor brought fresh light to our company. Never a dull moment with Errol around, he kept us on our toes.

Local businesswoman and glasswork specialist, Sue Webber brought only a handful of her masterpieces. Her monster earrings a very personal favorite. Her marmite bottle clock, the windchimes, the cutlery and plates, all the lamps are handmade from scratch. The woman is a goldmine of information and knowledge. She runs regular workshops and is an active supporter of all local artists and charities, her business page is Living Glass. It was an honor to have her with us.

These two lovely ladies are the owners of Rooi Suitcase Arts and Crafts and Stencil, and Laser Cutting company. Two kickass local businesswomen who run excellent workshops in their store in Meyerton, in addition to lovely lady lunches and women’s festivals. Be sure to stop at the Rooi Suitcase and get your own supplies.

Alfred Erasmus and his lovely wife Lynette came all the way from Primrose, Germiston. His landscapes have incredible depth and vibrant colors, a clear indicator of the man himself. An energetic person who was a real supporter and helper all through the day. Thank you for joining us Alfred and Lynette, hoping to see you again soon.

After a calm and relaxing day, getting to know each other and sharing the lovely garden at Molly’s we realized we could grow Dollas.

Thanks to all the handsome talented men and kickass warrior ladies, our fearless newbie, this was the beginning of something very special for us.

Happy painting.

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