Beet Salad Deconstructed

At any South African get-together, for no reason at all, by no prompt, just randomly you will find beet salad. Usually preserved, served either with a thick sauce or thin sauce, with or without onions.

This straightforward dish is almost a traditional staple in South African Cuisine. Nevertheless, not all beet salads are created equal.

Nothing breaks a heart like eating a beet salad that is not sour enough, not sweet enough, too creamy, that has a weird mouthfeel and has too many spices. It may sound like beet salad is a science, but it is not.

You cannot utilize science to make the perfect salad, no genius can explain family secrets and preferences.

But now for something entirely different.

Beets are incredibly healthy vegetables, they contain natural amino acids which is one of the most essential substances your body needs. The leaves are as good as the root, both can do you a literal world of good, just look it up.

Side-note: Natural vegetables are the reverse of WebMD, the longer you search the more likely you are to reach cancer and imminent death.

People generally don’t use beets in various forms, our programming kind of contains us to a salad expectation, which is unfortunate.

Well cooked clean beets are incredible, and we think everyone should taste it, if only once. So Dollas made a salad, but not just any salad, we deconstructed and redesigned as influenced by the newest trends.

You cook the beets, remove the skins, and all the hard bits. If they are small and cute do not cut them, leave them whole. Let them cool and serve them with feta or blue cheese and some fresh green leaves.

We added olive oil and balsamic and we enjoyed it with our Dollas celery salt.

Fashion Dollas, fashion.

Happy deconstructing.

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