Braaivleis and Mini Pies

Ma Dolla likes to do unique and small things. She loves mini pies, with phyllo or puff pastry. Small bites, big flavor, defining touches.

Pa Dolla wanted braaibroodjies but when Ma Dolla decided on the small braaipies, he knew better and agreed immediately. A happy home is a happy wife.

It takes some preparation, but the recipe is easy. The secret, we use, store-bought puff pastry…

To start, we will begin with Mini Mushroom Pies.


  • Cheese and herb puff pastry
  • Button mushrooms
  • Dollas Fermented Onions
  • Cheese mixed with mayonnaise
  • Dollas Garlic Lemon Parsley Salt

Preheat the oven.

We cut the pastry cups with a tall water glass. As many circles, as you can, put in well-sprayed pans. Bake the pastry before adding ingredients.

Chop the mushrooms, and dice them. Mushrooms are like spinach, they shrink when cooked and leave a juice that can ruin the pastry casing. Pack it up on top of the pastry, no salt, that will cause the juice. Place the onions on top of the mushrooms.

Mix the cheese and the mayonnaise together, place this on top for a nice piece of pizza flavour.

We made two combinations, the first was the mushrooms, and personally, Baby Dolla loved this one, it was like a baby pizza…..

Mini Asparagus and Cheese Pie


  • Fresh asparagus
  • Cheese mixed with mayonnaise

Remove the tails from the spears and place the asparagus in boiled water and leave them for a while. Take care not to cover the tender tops, they will be mushy if you do. Cut in smaller pieces and use some pepper to flavour.

Top with cheese mixed with mayonnaise, place the excess puff pastry on top for a special touch.

Place in the oven for 15 mins, remember to pre-bake the bottom pastries.

Bake properly and serve warm.

We left the big one for last, the Meat.

Dollas have spoken about Braai at length before and we will now simply revisit a few key points.

Take your preferred braai man with you, wherever you go.

Do not overcook the meat.

Pa Dolla prepared the meat with an oil rub, and only added Dollas Braaimix once the meat was on the fire.

There are key flavors in the South African Braai. Meat, obviously, and mayonnaise. It is not potato salad, we love, it’s tangy mayonnaise.

This meal is informal, flavourful, and easy. It is a different sort of side dish for a braai, and one that we strongly recommend.

Happy cooking.

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