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Pizza *Vegan

Dollas it’s that time again… And we are not holding back this time. We are making Pizza, with beans, green peppers, tomato, and cheese sauce the whole shebang. Starting with dough, as usual. This one you know and love, we use it for everything. Ingredients – Toppings Homemade tomato sauce Dried Oregano Cheese Sauce Tomato …

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Vegan Lentil Meat Balls with Kale Rice

We love lentils, they are versatile, incredibly complex, and filling. Today we are bringing you something special. Brown lentil ‘Meat Balls’, we are using this name freely, it’s more a fritter, but it is absolutely delicious. Ingredients Onion Salt All Purpose Flour Chickpea Flour Baking Powder Water Lentils Start by chopping an onion, add two …

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