Chickpea Vegan Burger Dinner

We have talked about Braai, baking, and frying. About meat and spices and vegetables, sauces and salts, now we will talk about Vegan burgers.

Ma Dolla discovered Vegan Food recently, the techniques and ingredients intrigued her. She has experimented with Tofu and Nut Milk, and vegan brownies, it was not long before she turned her attention to burger patties.

There are two patties. Today we are going to talk about the C-Burger.



  • 500g Chickpeas
  • 350g Sweetcorn
  • 20g Garlic
  • 140g Onions
  • 2 cups Chickpea Flour
  • 2 tablespoons Arabic Spice
  • 2 tablespoons Soy Sauce
  • 150g Carrot
  • Olive oil

Prepare the Chickpeas by soaking them ahead of time, overnight preferably.

Add the sweetcorn, it was frozen, and Chickpea Flour, season with Dollas Arabic Spice and Soy Sauce. Grate the carrots, chop the onions and garlic, add enough Olive Oil to get the desired texture for your mixture.

Ma Dolla fried the patties but you can bake it.

We went a bit overboard setting the table. It was our first completely Vegan dinner after working hard for three days solid.

We served the patties on buns with homemade tahini sauce, fermented cucumber, onions, fresh coleslaw, and tomato.

As no real expert on wine pairing, we took some Shiraz and a jug of water. We drank more water than wine, as it was a weeknight. Laughter permitted, not a party. Act your age, take responsibility we work tomorrow.

This recipe is straightforward and the spices give it a real twist. In the spirit of the holidays, we got you. To all the Vegans in Gauteng Midvaal Area and all the Vegan curious individuals, you can now find the C-burger balls for sale in Henley on Klip, at a brand new store, the Rabbit’s Hole. While stock lasts.

Just keep in mind all our ingredients are natural, so keep in the refrigerator and eat quickly.

Happy cooking Dollas.

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