South Africans love chilies. Sauces, pastes, poppers, chutneys, you name it, somebody will tell you where to find the best. Ouma’s recipe, Mom’s recipe, when it comes to chilies, even Dad’s recipe.

Honestly, there are good ones out there. Mild, strong and ridiculous. We are not different at all, we also have our favorites.

Of course, everybody likes it to be sweet, and spicy with garlic.

Preparing this burning delight can be tricky, take care and stay safe. Especially your eyes, whatever you do, don’t touch the eyes when you’re preparing these lovelies! Where the heat is exactly, I don’t know, but be careful.

There’s a man in Ma Dolla’s life that Papa Dolla approves of. Chillichump. He’s a South African somewhere in England that runs his own website and grows his own chilies. He taught her about fermenting and now we have all these dated bottles all over the show. Yellow habaneros, red habaneros, green jalapenos, red jalapenos. What will become of all these experiments I ask myself? Don’t worry, I will keep you posted.

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