Crumbed Mushrooms and Open Lettuce Salad

There are certain foods Dollas consider grown-up food. We will get into details about this later, but for now, let’s crumb mushrooms.

In the spirit of transparency, we had to throw the dough we made from the ingredients in the pretty laid out picture away. We started wrong and had to save our arses. Learn from us, in some situations, rare and far between, use salt sparingly.

Okay, let’s get to it.


  • 2 packets button mushrooms
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt, Dollas Garlic Rosemary
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon maizena
Prettily laid out

Prepare the mushrooms, we usually dab at them with paper towels. Set them aside and mix your dough. Ours was sticky, and for the first official round, meaning after we fixed the salt situation, we forgot the maizena, but it stuck, so, optional I guess.

Heat up enough oil in a deep frying pan to submerge the mushrooms.

Dip the mushrooms in the dough and then coat them with crumbs, individually. This process took a while, but it is lots of fun. Not every mushroom will be exact, but you will look for a uniform golden hue. With hot oil, the mushroom will cook quickly. You can check for it with a fork. Or copious taste tests, which is the method we used.

Once they are cooked through place them on a paper towel to collect the excess oil. Do not leave them too long though, serve them warm, or they will get soggy.

We served them with a yoghurt dip, with the right sauce the naturally delicate taste of mushrooms is quite enhanced and the yoghurt makes it come alive.

While you wait for the paper towels to absorb the excess oil, you can prepare the salad. We wanted something light, to distract from the deep-fried flavours.

Whatever experience you may have had with lettuce and salads, know we recognise your trauma and we validate you. This salad is not like the others, first off you literally cut five times (as many times as pieces you need, be generous everybody needs a piece).

Open Lettuce Head Salad


  • Whole lettuce
  • 1 Fresh Lemon
  • 1 apple
  • 1 cup of Dollas Honey Mustard Sauce

Prepare the lettuce, cut the stem away and clean it in ice-cold water with a touch of apple cider vinegar. Rinse it clear and let it drip dry. We gave it a good shake, so you can shake dry.

The apple and lemons are not negotiable, you have to add them for extra crunch. You can chop them, cube them, slice them, it’s your salad. No pressure.

We cut the near dry lettuce head into five pieces. Then the fifths(sffssfsfsfs) were drizzled with Dollas honey mustard sauce.

And there you go Dollas, your delicious side dishes are prepared.

Happy cooking.

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