Dollas Journal entry 01

What is one more?

Dollas have adopted a new kitten. Our bad pet track record thrown to the wind, we have added one more. The reason was that the Last Cat Standing (Minx) is lonesome and depressed. As the Human Voice of Minx, I take my translation of all that she does very seriously. The poor thing was bored, scratching everything and meowing more than usual. Her boys, the lost boys so to speak, Sout and Troubles are no longer with us. Sout had to find permanent residence elsewhere because of Sonde Met Die Bure and Troubles has taken it upon himself to be The Tomcat of Henley. So my cat, gentle and soft spoken Minx was all alone.

Katja (or Katjan should our initial sex identification be incorrect) formerly known as Fuzz-ball is the latest family member. She is a fietsy little thing, who takes no heed of distance or height, jumping through life with faith in her footing. The most trying time with her house training is – hopefully, it is still early days – behind us. Only once did we have to wash a duvet cover mistaken for the litter box. And she doesn’t seem to be an avid curtain climber or sofa scratcher.

Is Minx doing better? Is her depression now held at bay by her playmate Katja? As a wise wizard once said: “It remains to be seen.” Minx has not uttered a word in protest.

Minx and Katja are steadily working their way through the Cat Handbook of Introduction.

First there was surprise; Minx to find a small cat not born of her, Katja or finding another cat, period. Katja proceeded to hiss, hair raised. Telling a horrified Minx to Vvvvvvoertsek! They repeated this ceremony till I sat Katja down and explained that vvvvvoertsek! is not very nice, rather say: hallo tannie. Since then things have improved.

Last night after a friendly greeting they had a small slow-motion slap fight, cuteness abound. We have high hopes that they will soon be thick as thieves. They suit each other perfectly, Minx is all carefulness while Katja is reckless.

We will keep you up to date with all things Dollas in this new section we call Dollas Journal.

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Chop some woodfire (weather forecast mentioned cold)

□ Catch up on some gardening (lockdown laziness is showing)

□ Make and enjoy vegan bunny chow’s (more orders than anticipated)

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