Dollas Journal entry 02

A 2020 level coldfront

The year so far has been…interesting. Unpredictable. Record establishing. We long for drag-on-forever-Wednesdays and just-another-blue-Monday, good old boring times. So to say this winter is a 2020 level cold, means dis bleddie koud. This winter is going to make up for all the mild winters we have had the last few years. The next generation will hear of this one, we shall bore them with the tales of it just like our grandparents.

At night we cuddle under blankets around a clapping-snapping fire, sipping on the preferred Dollas winter beverage: fancy sachet coffee. We congratulate ourselves on a day well spent, feeding all the hungry vegans in town. We give ourselves a double pat for making not only vegan food, but delicious hasiekos. Ma Dolla reads the weather forecast – she has multiple apps for comparison, always get a second opinion – using smart words: wind chill, pressure systems and the Cape.

I think it is high time we sat the Capetonians down and explained that they need not share everything. We like their korrelkonfyt, snoek en kaapse kos, but the weather they can keep.

Yet there is comfort in knowing we share everything. Despite it all, we share the weather, food and this year we call 2020. So have a cuppa and send your regards to die Koue Kaap, before too long the winds blowing there will be here.

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Chop more firewood (it is a daily chore now)

□ Stay warm with fancy frothy coffee

□ Make sure Katja does not pee on Ma Dollas bed again