Dollas Journal entry 03

Rolling a zol…

Pa Dolla is a smoker. A not too expensive, not too fancy, only heavy when he is bored kind of smoker. The lockdown has been tough on the poor guy. First he resorted to illicit trade, deals was struck with persons* who would like to remain anonymous. But these resources dried up…

Exactly who is responsible for what followed is difficult to say. This is how events unfolded: Pa Dolla got desperate and fished out his pipe and tobacco. To his dismay the tobacco was not going to outlast Nkozazana. Ma Dolla had herbs and spices in the cupboard, Pa Dolla was desperate to survive the siege. How this came together I honestly don’t know, but they added two and two and got…well they mixed it and I found the man puffing on what I always thought was seasoning.

As I mentioned Pa Dolla is not a fancy smoker, and therefore not the most avid of pipe puffers. He doesn’t ‘pispot’, he struggles with ‘stop’. Either the flame dies too soon or hardly starts. When this happens, I am the only one laughing. Through – perhaps not too legal means – he got hold of Rizla papers. In an attempt to make peace – for laughing at his hardship and new found smoking taste – I youtubed how to roll a zol. Not the song, I already knew that by heart, but how to make a joint. Because up until now this particular skill has not been needed in the Dollas household.

I am very proud of my zol roll ability. I don’t use too much saliva. That is the secret, too much saliva and the whole zol is just…well seasoning. We have now after many – terrible looking – fails taught Pa Dolla how to roll a zol. And no, we never pass it around!

Pa Dolla is a smoker. A roll his own zol made of herbs smoker. A trending and happening need a man-bun kind of smoker. A sells legal smoking stuff kind of Dolla.

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Roll a zol or two

□ Prepare for upcoming Niche market for Pa Dolla’s new business

*Upstanding law-abiding citizens up until Corona. Desperate times, desperate measures.

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