Dollas Journal entry 07


Habits is much like fashion. It goes with the flow, adopting to our daily lives. What use to be considered OCD is now mandatory; washing your hands every chance you get while singing a particular song. What used to be mocked as fear of germs has become expected behaviour; we all bulk buy hand sanitizer and masks.

A vice however is a personal weakness. It almost always cost a lot of money. For some it manifests in a easy-to-brag-about collection, for others Guinness-world-book-of-records weirdness. Car collections that make all the petrol-heads drool or British royalty paraphernalia. Exotic bird sanctuaries or Michael Jackson toenails. You choose, you spend, you collect.

In the Dolla household we each suffer a vice. GiggelDolla can’t resist stationary; journals, pens, stickers, washi tape, heck pretty paper. BabyDolla buys jackets; her jeans will be threadbare, her shoes wonky, but the jacket will be a one of kind. (Her jacket collection is strewn all over the house, for she never wears the same jacket twice on the same day) Ma Dolla collects spices and recipe books. Luckily for us, she has found a way to utilize her vice as an income. Pa Dolla likes powertools and watches. Of us all I think ArtDolla is the most bizarre, her vice is not having a vice, unlike us spending our money on collections, she collects money.

We will be plotting ways to get money to sustain our vices. No number of washi tape will satisfy me. Ma Dolla will never turn her back on a recipe book. Pa Dolla will always discover a new use for this or that powertool. BabyDolla will crawl through every second hand store for one of a kind jacket. And all the while ArtDolla will be sitting there with a smile, without a care in the world.

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Find bigger box for washi tape collection

□ make some vegan rusks (need more money for washi tape)

□ Stock up on hand sanitizer (masks are good for now)

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