Dollas Journal entry 09


Giggeldolla – me – has made use of every talent in die Dolla household for a very tall shelf.

It all started with one of my notebooks falling apart. Pinterest had many DIY solutions, one caught my fancy: a pretty fabric book cover. Only later it became obvious that the simple design hid an intricate step by step construction masterpiece. Challenge accepted. This is the character-building distraction I was longing for in this time called 2020.

The ball got rolling by semi-stolen goods from Ma-Dolla and purchasing some fabric at a local haberdashery. I annexed the overlocker and claimed my inheritance: a grandmother’s sewing machine. So the fabric-book-cover-plan came together.

The fam liked the fabric book covers so much they placed orders. I was mastering the art and running out of fabric. This was when my upcycling-inner-queen came out in full swing. I had a brain fart to ask if local ladies had fabric lying around they no longer wanted. My hope was that at most two of them would send me some scraps and I could finish with my book cover orders. So I made use of the Dollas Marketing Department and had Babydolla ask around on all the social media platforms.

The response was better than I could have hoped for. More than two ladies. More than fabric scraps. I made friends along the way. Ladies giving advice, sharing their knowledge and love of sewing. With so much fabric my dreams soared higher, just think…book covers were no longer my challenge, no I want to sew a 50’s inspired warded. Why not? 2020 is looking up, and downright amazing. For all, we know a Dollas Sewing Division will be born.

A season or two of The Great British Sewing Bee later I had set my heart on becoming a home sewer par excellence. What I would be sewing was not my biggest concern, I had fabric that was enough. I needed a sewing zone, a place where the fabrics, the sewing machine, and I could bond. That was when my mastermind-DIY’er sprang to action. Dolla in-house Maintenance and Woodworking assisted me in this. We constructed a shelf that reached to the ceiling, as well as upgrading my desk and room in general. *Giggling happily.

So keep your eyes peeled Dollas. I will soon be sharing all my glorious creations. For now, I just want to spend time in my sewing zone. Thank you to everybody that responded to the request for fabric. Thanks, Kim, tannie Ina, Joan, Albert, the lady with the shweshwe fabric. You guys rock!

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Sew (obviously)

□ Watch some Sewing Bee

□ Make more Cornish pies

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