Dollas Journal Entry 11

Giggel and Baby went on an adventure of self-care.

It’s been a weird couple of months, for our skin. Giggeldolla especially, as the one Dolla who keeps to a routine religiously she was getting nervous. Her skin type is delicate, and her routine was not working anymore.

Baby just wanted some indication of what to do, my skin bounces back quickly.

So we went to see The Therapy People.

Dianne Fourie is excellent. She is a skin-care professional, who immediately knew our respective skin types and personalized our treatment the day of. She mixed our masks and treatments especially to suit our needs.

She instructed Giggeldolla how to proceed, what products to stop using. The Kalahari facial was soothing, but it was the expert facial massage that was truly special.

You can anticipate what Baby was instructed, make a routine and stick to it. But going to the Therapy People is more than meeting with a consummate and confident professional, it is something more.

Dianne is a welcoming spirit, who focuses intently upon actual skincare and the quality of her work. She takes all the extra care you want, checking up on us several times afterwards to hear how our skin recreated to the treatments, and her coffee is excellent.

The Therapy People is a special place, the community around the salon is welcoming and high-spirited.

I met a kick-ass Female Police Helicopter Pilot, who stopped by to pick up, in her words – and I am paraphrasing – ‘the best skin product’ Anesi. As this was happening, Dianne had just finished with a lovely lady who had fallen recently and comes regularly to the Therapy People for a restorative massage. And I met Dianne’s Anesi Representative, and all these women, all from different walks of life and general life experiences sat together and laughed together over a warm cup of coffee or a glass of lemon water.

The products Dianne stock are outstanding, Anesi is a Spanish product which she has been selling since they came into the country – they awarded her for excellence. And Kalahari Lifestyle, which Giggeldolla can confirm is an amazing product that restored her skin in a matter of days.

Dianne says the sign of a good facial is ‘your skin is better afterward, but as the days past it keeps improving’.

And we confirm it. The Therapy People is laidback, expert and excellent.

Her people knowledge, the ease of her personality and her passion for people’s well being makes it the loveliest experience.

We recommend you stop by, not for a treat or a pamper, but for some real soul restoration. Skincare is essential, salons are essential.

Go for the expertise and stay for the conversation.

Also, Dollas, ladies. The Therapy People are running a promotion for Women’s Month, with Anesi. Buy two products and get a full facial for free. Seriously… get yourself to the Therapy People.

Happy relaxing Dollas…

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