Dollas Journal entry 12

Following recipes

One of the many continuous arguments in the Dollas household is about recipes. The writing down of recipes to be precise; so as to immortalize the dishes Ma Dolla develops in our kitchen. Writing down is the first step and not the trickiest, but the first step is the hardest.

Ma Dolla cooks with her heart. She feels her way through a dish, adding as she goes along. She hardly ever remembers all that she threw in, referring to various methods used. A Chinese cooking style taught to her by a Korean Youtuber living in New York. Yes, in our South African kitchen we cook dishes from all over the globe, with a true Ma Dolla twist. Soulful fusion.

The trouble is Giggeldolla fears these dishes will become limited editions. (The kind of food I grew up with) Because Ma Dolla never writes it down! Not the quantities, not the ingredients, nor the styles and fusions. After months of arguing Ma Dolla has started writing down her creations. Victory at last!

Sometimes – when I sneak some vegan Ice cream at night – I page through the Dollas Recipe Book. Some of them are merely ingredient lists without quantities – be still my beating heart – while in others she makes Giggeldolla proud, even adding how-to-mix descriptions.

As mentioned, writing down the recipe is the first step. To Ma Dolla, a recipe is a suggestion, a vague roadmap, in some cases a limitation. And so the arguing continuously regardless of the first step being performed or not. Giggeldolla insisting that the recipe be followed while Ma Dolla just wants to let her heart to feel the spirit of cooking.

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Soak beans for cooking

□ Have Ma Dolla write down the recipe for the Mexican Blackebean salad

□ Get everything done before load-shedding

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