Dollas Journal entry 15

Easy as ABC

Design Challenge 2: Design a typeface using elements of your everyday life, not your design program. You have 120min.

I did not stick to the time limit. It took me days to come up with a viable medium. The book is examples of Q-tips, liquids, and denim trousers…How in the world was I suppose to match that kind of ingenuity? Truth be told, I gave up trying and decided to bake cookies.

I used my challenge as en excuse to bake cookies in the middle of the week, we only do goodies over weekends. Nobody complained. I followed an old recipe of mine – Huisgenoot if you must know. I rolled out the dough and cut it into strips of 2 x 10 cm. I then proceeded to squish the pieces together to more or less resemble the alphabet. It was fun-ish. My C and G was a lot smaller than the rest. The letters took up more space on the baking trays than I anticipated so poor old letter Z got a tray all to himself.

They retained their shape while baking. While I got a large cloth from my collection to spread the letters out on, for a pretty picture. For those who can’t see it – like myself – in the photo’s, the cloth is green. The lighting in the kitchen wasn’t being nice so it appears grey.

Most of my letters broke as I scooped them off the trays onto the green cloth. E and F tanked. X split into four pieces. Still, we soldiered on – at this point I had Baby Dolla help with the photos, is that cheating? We had a laugh about my J, who was twisted wrong side round, poor guy. We got impatient waiting for Z to bake, the delicious smell had lured everyone into the kitchen. So we took pictures of my kleuterskool projek and ate before Z was done.

Of all the letters I must say that N was my all time favorite with his wonky leg. I know for a fact that letter T was lekker, as was letter W and J. What letter A B D E etc tasted like, I only have my families word that it was as good as T W and J.

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Get ready for next weeks challenge

□ this weekends goodies will be chocolate cake

□ organize a democratic vote for goodies during the week every week (we will win with a landslide)

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