Dollas Journal entry 17

To-do lists

I have always been a ‘lysie meisie’. Writing my to-do lists for the week calms me. This way I know all the odds and ends will be remembered. Whether the tasks will be completed; the items ticked off, is a worry for another day. That is why the most to-do lists I draw up are for tomorrow.

I have been on a good run, completing my to-do lists every day for more than three months now. Yes, the odd job has slipped through the cracks (I only today remembered I need to paint my new bedroom shutters) some tasks passed uncompleted form this day to the next (the navy day dress still needs to be sewn) But for the most part, I haven’t been on such a productive streak in many blue-moons. My journal is full of success stories. Finished jobs. Consistent completion. I was forming new habits. I was on a good run.

Then came the pride. My to-do lists became longer, more detailed. What? I am on a good run.

Then came the slow but certain fall. I was so busy forming positive habits I would skip a Dollas Journal article. I was so determined to complete a task by following all the fine script that my sewing machine has been gathering dust. Yes, it has been a two-three week period of deterioration. I recognized the subtle signs of self-sabotage: every morning I would read my to-do list and vloek die blou hemel in. I fell into old bad habits. Reciting a familiar affirmation: I am an unstoppable action-taker. And then doing absolutely nothing. Why should I do anything? I am on a good run.

Yes, I was running, but not in the direction my to-do lists indicated. Then a moringa cleanse brought me to a screeching halt. It was much like some funny moment in the Coyote Road Runner cartoon. The to-do list is the road runner and I am the hungry Coyote and the bird had just pulled a fast one and I am dropping to the bottom of some ravine. Absolutely hilarious. I am no longer on a good run. Beep-be ep.

Luckily for me, I am the philosophical sort and have taken this time to re-evaluate my to-do lists and have decided to add: a moment of peace and quiet, to it. Because running even if you have a goal is without value if you do not take the time to sit down and enjoy the beauty of life. This time of introspection has made me seen how I can be better at completing my to-do lists. I have drawn up a timetable that should help me to get everything down while at the same time slowing down…

I am so sorry. I just remembered, there is an uncompleted task on my to-do list…no wait, might be more. Anyway, we’ll talk again soon, take care.

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ paint bedroom shutters

□ get all to-do lists up to date

□ enjoy a moment of peace an quiet

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