Dollas Journal entry 18

Growing up with Tolkien

Initially we hated Lord of the Rings. Mom rented it, way back in 2002. The Dollas was twelve, seven and six respectively. It was our first introduction to fantasy and the monsters that there doth lurk. We were horror struck. Creatures like Gollum, have you ever? Orcs! Urukhai (whom we only then knew as the monsters born of mud) We were so scared that we slept in the same room that night. (we weren’t the only terrified ones, Pa Dolla also had a tough time sitting through ‘sulke scary kak’ since Mom didn’t want to watch it alone)

Against out wishes, Mom brought home the Two Towers when released on DVD. She wanted to know what happens to the klein outjie met die ring, while we only recalled the Nazgul and mud monsters. But it was in the Halls of Edoras that we saw the beauty of fantasy. It was tall and blond, and never said a word.

We marvelled at the splendour of the elves, the magic of the rings, the size of Middle Earth. The next morning before Mom woke up, the Dollas snuck to the tv room and watched Two Towers once more. We realised the missing bit of the lore was the first movie. We need to know. We will know. Pa Dolla was persuaded to go and rent Lord of the rings. So the tradition of movie marathons was born. And to this day we can all of us quote Galadriel’s prologue in perfect English and elvish: “The world has changed, I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, I smell it in the air. Much that once was are now lost, for none now live who remember it…” (Do you hear the moody violins? Can you feel the goosebumps?)

We were hooked and Pa Dolla got to watch Shelob chase around Frodo Baggins on the big screen. Poor guy, yet he took it like a man. Our love extended to the reading of Tolkiens books, the collecting of figurines and movie manuals. Our world was no longer limited to planet earth, we wondered the woods of Lothlorien, fought at Helms Deep, rode with Gandalf through Middle Earth. It was Tolkien that helped shape our imagination and taught us to create other worlds populated by races only alive in legend.

We watched all the Hobbit Movies but it wasn’t the same. Magic was replaced by CGI and adventure by talking spiders. Will we ever see such innocent and pure magic again? Game of Thrones was fun till season 8, toe val dit uit die bus. Witcher is great but he is no Legolas or Aragorn.

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Find out when Witcher Season 2 will be released

□ Keep fighting the thorns in garden (almost as bad an infestation as Mordor)

□ Dig out Silmarilion (might get it this time round)

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