time to start cooking

Food is a celebration of life. Cooking is a celebration of culture.

Whether you have dietary restrictions, or allergies, or have chosen an alternative diet for ethical reasons, it should be enjoyable.

We are on a mission to prove Vegan Food is the best food, comfort food, traditional food, home food, fancy food.

For some delicious recipes and tips and advice, explore our favorite blogposts below.

Happy Cooking, Dollas

Oyster Mushroom Flatbread

A special dinner with a special mushroom.

Tradition Vegan South African Pancakes

A local favorite, all the flavor, all the love, none of the milk...

Two-step baked potatoes

We love potatoes, if you haven't noticed.

Armenian Potato Bread

This has become a staple in our kitchen, and many of our club members orders this whenever.

Cook along Ma Dolla on Facebook

For the full Armenian Series, random ‘bevliegings’, sauces, exotic salads, etc.

Here is a piece of Vegan Pudding, have a good one.