Easy sweet chili vegetable-pot

We could not think of a way to showcase our new favorite sauce….

For a while actually, we fluctuated between our perennial favorite chicken and mince for a bit. Nothing felt right, but then we got an idea.

We used it with frozen vegetables we bought from The Windmill Coffee Shop, a local outlet that carries only local brands and frozen vegetables. We suggest anyone in the general area should stop by, support local and get some bang for your buck…

Now to the recipe.


  • Vegetables: peas, carrots, green peppers
  • Dollas homemade Chili Marmalade Sauce

Fry the cooked veggies in some butter/oil and add as much of the hot sauce as you like. Hot, hotter, and only some will enjoy it.


That’s it, that’s the recipe. Of course, you can top it with some cheese, but today we did not, we used yogurt and a small pinch of sesame seed.

We served the vegetables with lamb chops, baked to crispy perfection, and some rice. The marmalade makes the sauce sweet and that adds an extra punch, so be mindful.

We estimate, with everything unfrozen, the meal can be served in thirty minutes.

Happy cooking.

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