So this is one of those things that everybody used to do and now it is something everybody fears. I suppose a fridge in every house will do that. The use of a pantry without cooling facilities asked for the know-how of saving seasonal produce for later use.

Preserving was mostly done by the use of vinegar and salt, even meat was preserved this way. Biltong is just a way of preserving meat, in those days anyway, nobody preserves any biltong in our house.

Fermenting is the process of preserving uncooked produce in brine. Brine is salt water. Listening to a Turkish woman preserving olives suggested that they used seawater at first.

Fermenting chilies is to keep the lovelies in brine for at least a month. Then making your sauce without cooking. Important! Discard the brine, not good for any use.

Ma Dolla bought super hot chilies seed from Livingseed, just outside town, and what she was thinking when making that decision blows my mind. Keep posted, I’ll tell you all about it later.

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