Fermenting Onions and how to use them

There are few things in this world that Ma Dolla has not fermented. She gets into the mood of it, like how White Girls all queue for Pumpkin Spice Latte in fall, Ma Dolla gets in the mood of Fermenting. These are the times you make yourself scarce, and when spotted be sure to keep moving.

We continue with our Fermenting series today, with one of our long-time favorites, onions.

Onions are the chicken of the vegetable world, they are essential and improves anything, they help to sauce things up.

To shorten and improve the general sob story of working with onions, Dollas have devised a plan. To ferment this useful and often underpraised vegetable.

Step 01

Start by preparing the onion, you can chop it fine but we used the mandolin. And use as many onions as you have packaging room for.

Step 02

Add salt generously, this will depend on the number of chopped up onions.

Step 03

Mix the salt with the onions and then you leave it, it gets done by itself.

Remember the idea of fermenting is to get water out, this way the vegetables should last a lot longer. The water the salt will withdraw from the onions will be quite yellow. Leave it for a day or two en then rinse the salt off very well. Dry it as well as possible and then bottle.

Our vinegar mix is one part brown vinegar, one part water, and one part sugar.

Do NOT use the mixture hot if your onions are cooled, warm vinegar over warm onions, or cold vinegar over cold onions. You can spoil all your work should you get this wrong.

Bottling spices are coriander, mustard, anis, chilies, peppercorns, allspice. Use your favorite spices whole and leave to stand for a week before use

We serve the fermented onions as salad, we also fry them. We put them over potatoes and pumpkin and bake it for a short while. They are great with cheese and tomato grilled sandwiches.

And that is that Dollas. Onions and a quick side dish easy and tasteful.

Happy cooking Dollas.

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