Homemade Tomato Jam.

So far we have talked exclusively about salty and savoury things, in tandem with our Connoisseur Salts. Today, however, we are doing something entirely different.

We are talking Jam, sweet, sugary, homemade, unhealthy yummy jam.

Now the problem with tomato jam is that it can be too runny as it has high water content. We practise family secrets to counter this and do our best to leave bits in there to create a chunky texture.

Now don’t worry, you can order online for your very own homemade jam. Remember we deliver in Henley on Wednesdays.

Let’s take you through the process.

We start with a lot of tomatoes. Making sure they are clean, cutting away all the green parts. Chop them up, all of them, more or less the same size, the bigger the chunks the chunkier the jam.

Put in a pot, add a tremendous amount of sugar and let it slowly come together in a brilliant sticky mess.

There is some finesse in this. Sugar requires a practised hand and a careful eye. Do not abandon the pot, keep a close eye on it. Not even your dog will consume botched up jam.

Tomato jam is one of our best-loved jams, the workforce finds it exotic and special. After years of harvesting and preparing our own fig and apricot jam, it was always a very welcome change.

We know this is practically heresy in most South African households, but we do not care. Tomato jam is better, the flavour is sharper, the colour is brighter, and it fights prostate cancer.

The workforce does not have prostrates but we are willing to eat as much tomato jam as we have to stop it from happening to anyone.

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