Homemade Tomato Sauce

We were convinced our first official sauce would be chili, simply because we love it so much, weren’t we surprised.

Ma Dolla has been making tomato sauce for as long as she has been making tomato jam. The workforce usually consumes it all and then the readjustment period to be content with the store-bought stuff is tough.

To prepare this sauce we begin with whole tomatoes. Making sure they are clean and all imperfections and problems removed, then we get them cooking.

Once they are cooked, we mix them up to a deliciously smooth texture perfect for scrambled eggs or pasta sauce. Here is where Ma Dolla works her magic, developing that special flavor over a steady heat.

We do not like it too spicy or too hot, there is a perfect balance of sugar and vinegar on the taste and flavor spectrum that Ma Dolla finds after years of practice and a few constructive critiques from the workforce.

We are very excited to bring all our years of experimenting with you and sharing our family luxury. You can find this at the local farm stall or you can order online. Remember, we deliver every Wednesday in town.

Enjoy the weekend, from all the Dollas and Mister Dollas as well.

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