Leafy greens

The world over leafy greens is regarded as a superfood, containing everything we need for a healthy meal. I don’t buy it that often because I always leave it around until it is a wilted mess that doesn’t get used anyway.

Armenian jingalov hats’ is a traditional meal using mainly fresh herbs to stuff lavash dough for a very green treat. Armenian women make these together, large bags of herbs are chopped and prepared while the dough is made and cooked over open fires. The joy the women shared preparing it made me jealous.

So we cut a whole lot of leafy greens and available herbs, oiled it well with olive oil, Dollas’ salt and a good pinch of chili. Make a parcel with a wrap and fry it dry in your frying pan.

For how long do I fry it you ask? Until the wrap in crispy, a few minutes.

We served it with Dollas’ lemon sauce and it was a delight!

I did not add kale but if you do, let us know what it was like.

Dollas approved: 4/5

Giggel Dolla did not like the celery.

Happy cooking.

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