Lentils, lentils, lentils.

I have always loved lentils, I like the mouthfeel. And when cooking them it’s such a pleasing homely smell calling everybody to come and check the pot.

These cabbage dolmas is an Armenian idea, they stuff it with beans and lentils and use apricots and plumbs. Our South African apricots are sweet and chewy and the plums I found locally are also sweet.

I think their idea is perhaps more sour, and then, of course, they use bulgar wheat. This product is expensive but available in local supermarkets.

I used cooked brown lentils and uncooked red lentils with bulgar wheat mixed with apricots and plumbs.

Preparing the cabbage; remove the spine and leave the leaves in boiled water, adding some lemon juice.

Stuffing the leaves with the lentil mixture, placing them on top of fresh onions and tomato sauce. Add enough liquid, I used vegetable stock, to cover the parcels. Oil lightly on top and cook in the oven until done and brown.

Spices used: Dollas’ grinder Salt, pepper, lemon, garlic, paprika.

Dollas approved: 5/5

Happy cooking.

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