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Dollas Journal Entry 03

More about smoking herbs…

Start a good habit

Our love of herbs led to an unexpected new product several weeks ago. Pa Dolla mixed some herbs for his pipe, then we researched herbs for smoking and a brand new world opened up for us.

Smoking herbs is one of the oldest traditions the world over. People have been smoking leaves for generations, for many reasons, recreation, health, etc.

The mixes prepared and packaged by Pa Dolla can be used for both. Whether you are looking for a healthy habit to replace a bad old one, or are struggling with anxiety and stress Herbal Smoking is perfect for you.

  • Benefits include, anti-anxiety, stress relief
  • Seven blends to choose from, all carefully crafted for the best flavor and taste
  • The healthiest alternative to tobacco smokig

The Blends

  • Blend No 2, (Mild) Raspberry Leave base, Uva Ursi to flavor, and Chamomile to soothe
  • Blend No 3, (Smooth) Mallow Leave base, Feverfew and Lavender to soothe, and Skull cap for something special
  • Blend No 4, ( Smooth) Mallow Leave base, passionherb and chamomile to soothe

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  • Blend No 5, (Smooth) Feverfew and Stingingnettle for a sophisticated finish
  • Blend No 8, Mugwort and Lemon Balm make this one a standout
  • Blend No 11, Mullein base, Pepperment and Lemon Balm for a fresh overtone
  • Blend No 12, Mullein finished with Basil makes for a strong and full bodied smoke