Potato Waffle

This is something to try if you have time. It works for breakfast or for a braai. Serve with garlic butter or yogurt and some fried eggs or sausages and mushrooms.

You need a big cooked potato for each waffle. Grate the potato and add an egg and some cheese. Cut cheese in small blocks, use what you have, add garlic, onion/spring onion, and parsley. Use enough salt. Add some flour to make a smooth mixture and add some oil or butter to the mix. Spray the pan with some oil as well.

Spoon into the waffle pan and cook till nice and brown.

If you have to force the pan open it is not done yet, give it another minute and it will be easy to open.

If you have to force the pan closed, place hand at the center of the machine or see waffle filled future put in jeopardy. Trust us.

Serve warm and enjoy.

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