Smoking with Pa Dolla

First a word from our sponsor.

I have been a smoker for more than 30 years. Over time I have gone from smoking the most popular brands to the cheap brands and now I am old enough to admit that I go for a combination of taste and affordability. The ban on tobacco products changed this to availability.

In desperation I heard people smoke herbs. Living with the Dollas, herbs are everywhere. We started the research and was amazed to find we have the majority of the ingredients required. In short you need a base, a modifier, flavor, and body. Some herbs act as more than one and so the fun began. Mixes were created, tested, and a few actually approved. Imagine my surprise in finding most of the herbs required available in my own home. The herbs not available could be sourced and bought even under the strict rules that now rule our lives.

Crises averted and a new world of flavor opened up. The best thing about this is that it is good for my health.

Pa Dolla 2020

Now from us.

Our harvest season has been abundant. We got basil, lavender, thyme, and sage all over the place. We even harvested some brand new herbs, from exotic and foreign plants like Gotu Kola, another one whose name we do not remember, and something a bit more plain, Plantaine.

We dried them, Ma Dolla pickled Basil, we made sauces and salts, and flavored oils. It has been a fragrant few weeks.

And then we discovered them desperate smokers.

They range from ordinary people who want to stop using nicotine and tabacco, to self sustaining hippies in the wild, and witches. Actual witches.

Exploring the subculture of smoking herbal mixes was fun, it is a fast growing movement in America, and with the regulations of our very own Lockdown, we saw a gap in the market.

Mixtures came along slowly, Pa Dolla who is a smoker, and Ma Dolla a non-smoker had different ideas, and it took a while to align them.

We used our very own lavender harvest, the dried flowers specifically. We sun-dried basil, thyme, sage, lemon balm, and mint. Offering a completely organic product.

We made, they mixed it, and now we are here. Smoking herbs, in pipes handmade by Pa Dolla himself.

It is been a trip, and we are excited to see what comes next.

Happy puffing Dollas.

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