Social Eats Market: Vol II

Last Friday we returned to Twisted Realms, with old friends and some new ones. We launched our Vegan yogurt and served entirely plant-based curry, we tasted the most delicious meat, drank the best-mixed gins and it rained…..

It was a fun night market and went so well the third one is already in the works.

The New Faces

Henna Tattoos by Anisha

A unique artist joined us on the day, a Henna artist. Although we did not sit down by her table, her art added an extra spice to the day. Male and female stood in line for her unique art form.

The Chutney Man

We have encountered this sauce-master a few times at local markets before. His chutneys and sauces are excellent and quite well known. He caters to all tastes, sweet to hot-hot, you will find something suited to your liking.

Raw Pet Food Packs and Liver Nibbles by Trez and Tydus

A definite stop for any dog lover, premium raw dog food neatly packed with plenty of nutrition. Something special for your furry friend.

Zana’s Savoury Haven

Beautiful sweet treats, delicious spring rolls, and unique samoosas. Flavors include cheese, salami, and sweet corn. We loved the samoosas, a real must taste for anyone with a love for samoosas. At one of the liveliest tables, they brought laughter and conversation.

Grace’s Corner Shawarmas

A colorful table packed full of delicious salads and sauces. Only the freshest ingredients and the best meats for on-site preparation. A fresh and lovely Friday dinner without the fuss.

We were joined by some of Twisted Realms’ own in-house vendors.

Himalayan Salt and Blocks by Cilla

We know a few things about salt, obviously, but recently we have been seeing Salt Blocks. Pink slabs that people put either on their stove or on the Braai. We never tasted meat prepared like this until Friday Night.

Cilla gave everyone at the market a taste test. They brought a braai and delicious meat to prepare on the salt block. They used a simple marinate beforehand, then they fried it on the slab with some lemon.

It was the most delicious meat ever, perfectly balanced and props to the braai master for a perfectly cooked treat.

Candies and Sweets by Tannie Susan

Easily one of the most colorful vendors at the Market, a table for kids of all ages. Marshmallow and jelly sweets sosaties, mason jars brimming over with jelly beans, lucky packets, and the prettiest little party packs.

You can find her confections at Twisted Realms, right beside the bar so be sure to always have some extra cash with you.

Heavenly Herbs

Kate and Ben brought a boost of freshness to the market with two tables of green herbs and the loveliest homemade bread. The herbs ranged from Oregano to some even Ma Dolla cannot grow. And the bread…

There were several options, from Mediterranean flavors of sun-dried tomatoes with zucchini to the delectable crunchy plain base, her table was as always a feast for the senses.

The Pork Pie Lady

Delicious pies and sauces served with flair.

These reheatable pies are available at Cyrus Farm for anyone feeling the FOMO. Check out her Facebook Page too, these are perfect for a hearty breakfast or a light dinner.

She brought her own special guest, Petunia is her friendly “vark” mascot.

Jan and Wilna’s Fudge and Coconut Ice

Jan and Wilna brought their signature warmth and helpfulness again last Friday.

Wilna helped us when the ants attacked, telling the most amazing stories. You should drop by, to hear the saga of their son’s lifelong reverence for porcelain dolls and ask about the teddy bear, and feel his soft fur.

Morrocan Bread and Treats by Asmaa

All the vendors brought their A-game and Asmaa always brings the house down.

Her table is carefully designed and every package lovingly put together. Get your hands on the Morrocan Treats, it is absolutely divine. We took a package home with us and trust me, you want some too.

She also served Morrocan bread, msaman, which is a must for any self-respecting foodie out there.

Farm eggs and chicken are also available, with rich creamy milk fresh off the farm.

For the Second Social Eats, Asmaa brought something special, Cape Town produced skin products made with the Morrocan miracle product Argan, sourced from the country itself.

Asmaa explained Argan is as valuable as gold in Morrocco now because it is easily one of the most effective natural skincare products in the world. There were clay masks and face sprays, and beard oils and masks. Drop by next time for all your needs, all of them will be met.

Pancakes by Diana and Heila

This duo returned and proved just as successful as last time if not more.

Come early, be patient, a line forms quickly but it is worth every second. The cinnamon-sugar mixture is perfect and the pancakes are just thin enough. The ladies work hard but it feels like getting your favorite snack prepared by friends.

Morrocan Tacos by Saida

Another familiar face. (Still strongly recommend her Harissa Sauce.)

Saida brought her A-game, her table is always a feast, for the eye and the tastebuds. Every aspect of the taco is carefully prepared, the best-diced salad you will find anywhere and of course the sauce, oh my word the sauce.

Wood’s Cheese

Inside the restaurant, you can find Cheese. All kinds, available all the time. Wood’s Cheese is become a permanent fixture at Twisted and we strongly recommend anything of hers that says boerenkaas.

(Pictures courtesy of Celeste Jonk, owner of Wonderstruck Inc., Baby Dolla lost track of time.)


We were there, but Baby Dolla forgot to take pictures.

Highveld rainstorm

She was a most welcomed guest after all the warm, dry days we experienced.

The Social Eats is proving to be a must-see monthly event with real cosmopolitan flair. The vendors and shoppers bring a lively spirit that is warm and inviting. It is always a joll, even the rain could not dampen our spirits.

The Venue

Going to Twisted Realms is always an adventure, and last Friday was no different. There were delicious drinks, excellent service, and everyone cooed over little kittens.

Steve Vorster and his team and Celeste and Mel the fearless organizers of the market, think of everything. Big shout out to them, for bringing this unique group of people together, for the vendors and all the foodies of Henley.

We are looking forward to the next market in early December, and we hope to see you there. It is a friendly market, warm and inviting. It feels more like a chill ‘kuier’ than anything else and we would love to see you there next time.

We missed the vendors who could not be with us and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Happy shopping Dollas, see you soon.

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