Saudi Arabian Kabsa, South African Style

Our lives have been flavored with certain tastes for years. For as long as we can remember Ma Dolla made the best and hottest curries of our friend and family circle, of any circle anywhere …

She perfected and developed unique combinations and dishes that became fallbacks and easy go-tos. However, like anyone she easily grows bored of fallbacks and easy go-tos.

To say the whole prospect of researching and developing new products and flavors and dishes have taken over our house and our minds and our hearts, is the biggest understatement of our lives.

Ma Dolla is currently obsessed with Arabic Cuisine, Morrocan and Mediterranean flavors. Turkish dishes and ideas a special favorite, Israel and Greece, Syria, food culture with true respect for spices draw her attention.

We have exhausted our knowledge of Arabic food names and familiar Indian spice combinations, now we are at a point where Ma Dolla just types ‘Arabic food’ into Youtube’s search bar.

We found a dish that we made immediately, Kabsa.

In the video we watched, Saudi Food with Eman, we heard of it for the first time.

We did not have half the ingredients, and the half we did have were substitutes, but as is the way with any Arabic dish the preparation and process are important.

Middle Eastern Cuisine knows how to use spices and we can only learn from them.

The video we watched was already a variation, as the dish itself is quite a common occurrence in Saudi Arabia and everyone puts their own spin on it. Here is Dollas spin, we hope you try this one, it is delicious.


  • Chicken portions
  • Carrots
  • Dollas fermented Onions
  • Dollas Arabic Spice Mix – watch out for it, available soon
  • Dates
  • Pecan nuts

Start with the onions, we used Dollas fermented onions ( we are obsessed with these at the moment, we put it on toast, in salad, in pies, basically anything. There is no hassle, no tears, just open the lid and there you go, ready) but you can use ordinary onions.

To start, put a cup of rice in some water, leave to soak.

Fry onions till brown, adding garlic and ginger in oil. Salt chicken portions liberally with Dollas Arabic spice mix, and now the dance begins.

While the chicken is frying, grate some carrots, Ma Dolla used four fat juicy ones.

Add boiling water to the chicken, enough to cover the meat and close the lid. Cook for twenty minutes.

Now comes the fun part.

Get a clean pan, add some oil and toss in the pecan nuts, about half a cup. Toss them for a while, until they are lightly toasted. Remove from the heat and set aside.

Next, heat up the cut dates, about a cup, and toast them also in some oil. Do this for roughly five minutes each.

Remove the chicken from the boiling water, now a lovely spicy mixture broth. Add the soaked rice and carrots, and stir into the broth. Put the lid back.

Place the chicken portions in a medium-high heated oven, while the rice and carrots cook till done.

Once everything is ready, dish warm.

First the rice, a hearty serving, you will not believe how delicious the rice is. Place the crunchy pecans and sweet dates on top, then add the chicken.

This dish is pure flavor, it is not hot or too spicy, it is the perfect blend of awesome.

Happy cooking Dollas.

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