Zucchini spaghetti dish

This is the kind of dish that you will serve every week and then just stop. When you remember about it again you won’t understand why you stopped making it.

Zucchini is a veggie that can be death to any kitchen, there’s just so much any family will consume. This way you can use it without trying to hide it.

So let us begin:

Fry some onions, garlic, and carrot together in some oil/butter. Add about two cups of grated zucchini and quickly fry that aswell. Use your favorite soup powder and mix with two cups of milk and add to veggies. When the mix starts to boil add two cups of grated processed meat to the sauce. Add some cream for a real rich saucy experience.

Now, this is served on top well-cooked spaghetti. Serve with parmesan and some fresh basil, add some small tomatoes to fancy it up.


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