The first Social Eats Market

Last Friday evening, we packed up a whole table of goodies and set off on a journey. We did not go far and it was not arduous, we went to one of Henley On Klips best restaurants. Twisted Realm Creations to join several cooks and business people for a chill evening of old fashioned market trading.

We started with preparations weeks in advance, and this is not just something you say. We did not have long to get our heads around it, but we do not shirk when it comes to a challenge.

The hardest part was deciding on one single thing, as opposed to, you know, a hundred different things.

In the end, we made falafel, fried chickpeas, and some homemade tofu, and served it with some crunched Doritos. We also took six flavors of our homemade Wagashi chocolate with, and of course a few jams and some salts.

We worked all Friday, three of us packed into the kitchen, doing a hundred different things at once. It was exactly the kind of thing we expected we would be doing when we started.

We were really excited to go, a bit more nervous than excited at times but it was a lovely evening.

We stood alongside some incredible local talent, some not so local but it was an evening of diverse flavour, unique combinations and we are looking forward to the next one.

The Vendors

There were eleven of us, and each table was special. Brought something unique and worked hard.

Moroccan Treats by Asmaa

Her table was beautifully and thoughtfully prepared, homemade baked goods. Almond and sesame phyllo with lovely sweet sauce and crushed peanut balls dipped in chocolate. She also brought farm-fresh milk and eggs, and whole chickens.

Moroccan Tacos by Saida

Beside Asmaa was Saida, with homemade sauces and tacos. Harissa and Savoury Sauce, which she recommended to use on sandwiches. We bought a bottle, and literally had some on everything. It is lovely.

Biltong by Tiens

Biltong is almost more complicated than Braai, there are a hundred and thousand different ways that people like it. But at this table, there was something for everyone. Homemade biltong, with fat or without, with sweet chili, crunchy or soft. Something for everyone, and the best droewors we’ve had in a while.

Woods’ Cheese

Anne Woods was inside with her exotic selection of cheeses. All kinds, from aged cheddar and smooth inoffensive gouda to charcoal-infused goats’ cheese.

Fudge and Sweetness by Wilna

This homemade fudge is not just any old fudge, this is cool fudge. Lovingly crafted for the best flavors. Big shoutout to Tannie Wilna and her husband for being really sweet on the day, providing shade and good company to everyone.

German Baked Goods by Thorsten and Khumo

Pinterest worthy cakes and actually baked pretzels, done the German way by German-born Thorsten. He and Khumo brought laughs and excitement, in their own unique way. Both were eager to share and enjoy, Khumo being a sport and helping everyone out and Thorsten more than happy to share the rather unique German Folk Stories, which Baby Dolla loves. Their table was a sure favorite, with bacon doughnuts and amazing cheesecake.

Pancakes by Diana and Heila

This unstoppable duo made pancakes for everyone, vendors and shoppers alike. They do it the traditional way, on a gas cooker with cinnamon and sugar. The pancakes, “of liewer pannekoeke, was warm en sag en dun genoeg selfs vir pa Dolla, wat ‘n pannekoek snob is”.

Samoosas and Rotis by Mariam

Mariam was on-site to prepare delicious Rotis and her samoosa were some of the most delicious we ever had. Even those made in Durban, strongly recommend.

Fresh Herbs by Kate, Heavenly Herbs

Kate brought herbs Ma Dolla has been looking for everywhere, all glistening with health and care. She stood ready to make crostini and brought with her delicious vegan bread, ranging from potato to beet. Her little sand men were on site as well, to show some patriotic support for the Bokke.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies by Mel

This table was an organic paradise. Selling both farm fresh vegetables and the loveliest baskets. Drop by when next you want some safe fruits and vegetables to enjoy all week long.

The Pork Pie Lady

Rounding out the talent with some delicious pork pies to enjoy with homemade sauces, all served in recycled glassware. A table no one should miss.

This was a wonderfully diverse and light-hearted experience that we cannot wait to do again. Looking forward to seeing you soon, save the date for some excellent local produce and talent with a truly international flair.

We all enjoy takeaways on a Friday night, so why not get something special from local vendors, the variety is spectacular, so much more than you expect.

1st November Dollas and Mister Dollas, getting ready.

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