The latest from our Research and Development Department.

For a lifelong cook, there are times when the sheer boredom of routine is unbearable. This is usually the point where resolutions are made.

Ma Dolla is experimental at heart, a fan of new techniques and fresh ideas. And this business has given her a chance to try it all.

She has been making salts and sauces for years, her flavors are getting more and more daring though. We knew to put down recipes and file all her works, but salt can only hold her attention for so long.

something new, for the first time

We are looking forward to the new chapter of Dollas, and cannot wait to share it with you.

The future is green, Dollas. We’re going vegan.

The techniques and expertise required for the staples in an entirely plant-based diet are what drew Ma Dolla. Especially Tofu, and we got a high rating from our Vegan Taste Tester, Zena.

a few things to look forward to

Vegan Yoghurt.

Vegan frozen delights, creamy dreamy fruity.

Tofu, made from Soy or Chickpeas.

Non-dairy spreads and mayo.

Vegan patties and black bean concoctions.

We are really excited to get started with our new range, the list above is rough at the moment. The Research and Development Department is a chaotic place full of intrigue and passion.

some finer things

We are new to Veganism, despite a small flirtation with Vegetarianism in our youth we do not know all the finer requirements.

So, the Research side of things is getting interesting. We will be looking into whatever registration and certifications are necessary to become serious Vegan Food Sellers.

We will take you with us on this journey, keep it green Dollas. We need to save those turtles.