Traditional (Vegan) South African Pancakes

Vegan Pancaks

To say Veganism has taken over our kitchen is an understatement.

Ma Dolla is a natural perfectionist and whenever she does something, it must be the best. When we are not milkings beans and nuts, or frying beans and nuts, we are watching videos of how to milk nuts and beans and how to fry them. Endlessly, endlessly.

However, there is more to Veganism than beans and nuts. Though those are plenty good, it only acts as a starting point.

Today’s recipe comes from a rather successful bean milking session from earlier this week. We had six-litres non-GMO organic handmade soy milk in the fridge this morning, without preservatives so we had to do something quickly.

And what is more South African, more special, more vacation-y than pancakes. Ma Dolla fired up the gas cylinder and mixed our own Vegan Pancake batter.


  • 4 cups All-Purpose Flour
  • 5 cups organic Dollas Soy Milk
  • 2 teaspoons Himalayan salt
  • Baking Powder
  • Some oil

These measurements make for a loose batter, creamy and smooth. (Pa Dolla likes it thin, so we make it thin)

You know how to make the pancakes, you’re South African, but for those who need a refresher.

Step one.

Start a gas cylinder, put it to the heat desired. Keep it low if you don’t want them burnt and underdone.

Step two

Pour the batter in a clean lightly oiled pan.

Step three

Quickly eat the first pancake before anyone sees, this one is never pretty and you are the chef, enjoy it. Quality control is important.

Step four

Somehow manage to not eat anymore yourself and keep everyone else away, until a whole batch has been fried and prepared.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a pancake. We are happy to report the traditional cinnamon and sugar mixture is Vegan, so go nuts. Or add nuts, we put some of our Dollas Pecan Dukkah on ours and Baby Dolla snatched that quickly, for research and quality purposes of course.

We also served some with our Vegan Cream Cheese, though we are not entirely sure if we can call it Cream Cheese yet. Ma Dolla says it melts too quickly, but we the Workforce decree it is of the best quality and flavor.

How you prepare your pancake is up to you, following years of training and positive associations. Pa Dolla, a self-declared pancake snob, promptly ate all our props, some even before we did the photoshoot.

Now we know the School Holidays are upon you and making pancakes is a lengthy process, so we got you. No dairy milk or eggs used in this offering.

We are excited to announce you can now order directly from us. We will deliver in Henley On Klip, free of charge. Orders must be in by Thursdays morning for delivery Friday.

An easy vegan summer holiday to you all, happy feasting.

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