Vegan Potstickers in Ramen

A cuisine we love, and that proves excellent for Veganising deliciousness is Asian Cuisines. The wealth of recipes and ideas is literally inexhaustible.

And today we are doing something special. Potstickers…. Dumplings fried in the pan. We loved it and so did the Meal Club. We almost ate it all out of the main pot, really good.



  • 2 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3/4 cup water


  • Vegan Mince
  • Cabbage, fresh
  • Salt


  • Veg Extract
  • Soya Sauce
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Vegetables
  • Noodles

We started with the dough, mixing it all together and putting it in the fridge to cool.

Then the Ramen, we made a big bowl of soup to serve the potstickers in. They are dumplings after all.

We started with onions – it is optional – and added the veg by way of which cook faster. We used cabbage for the soup also, but do not cook all of it. Add the water and soy sauce and vinegar and noodles near the end, we do not like our veg or noodles soggy.

Then the postickers.

Roll it out, Giggeldolla said it was tough so put that elbow grease in. Then measure out, we actually used a ruler, but this is not necessary. Cut them out and set aside.

Prepare the filling. Soak the Vegan Mince – soy mince – with warm water until it is puffed out. Cut the cabbage fine, and then, and this is important, put the cabbage and the mince in a food processor or blender. Potstickers are traditionally made with pork and cabbage, so we need to mimick the texture and make it fine so that it forms a ball.

Spoon the filing into the potsticker, moisten the corners of the square and squeeze the edges together. And set aside. We made a whole mountain of these, we used up the whole dough batch which… I think fed the five of us, then at least four more people… so… yeah.

To fry we added low oil to the pan, and then packed in the potstickers moving quickly so as not to burn them. Before closing the lid pour in a touch of hot water to steam these babies a bit.

When they are ready, remove to a dry surface, we used a plate. There is no excess oil so no draining or absorbing parchment is needed.

Then dish the ramen and pack the potstickers on top.

These were so good, the Meal Club did not even dish it out either. We made them small enough for a bite but big enough for a meaningful bite.

This meal is a winner, worth every bit of effort and time you invest into it.

Happy cooking Dollas.

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