Armenian Inspired Bread: Lentils and Zaatar.

full house, full house

Baking bread is a celebration in any society. In Armenia, they have special ovens and the whole process is very much a communal effort.

Today we try matnakash, topping it with Zaatar and filling it with lentils.

The main ingredients for Zaatar are sesame seed, thyme, and sumac. Whatever else you add is your choice. Make sure to mix it with olive oil before putting it on top of the dough in order to prevent it from falling off once baked.

Since the dough is rolled out quite thin it will be done within minutes if the oven was hot and ready when you place it there. Take care, the oil mixed into the zaatar will be bubbling when you take it out.

Preparing cooked lentils. Use enough salt and spices to prevent a bland meal. Add all your favorite spices and taste before you place it inside the dough. Add just enough oil on the dough to prevent it from sticking to the frying pan. This will also cook fast taking care not to burn it black.

Should making dough be a problem for you, buy some, I’m sure it will be just as nice. Making sure the dough is not mixed with egg or milk to keep it vegan.

Dollas approved: Zaatar 5/5 Lentils 4/5

Happy cooking.

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