Dollas 2020

Last year this time we could not think how our lives would change.

In fact, even now it is still quite something. We started Dollas with some chili sauce and a bit of flavored salt last year. It was not exactly a surprise, or sudden, in fact it has been in the making for more than 15 years.

Looking back at 2019, we are proud of everything we achieved, all of it. We are proud to have been part of WAM, to have met all the creatives and seen all the restaurants in our area. We are proud to be part of the Henley Business Network and to have met fellow entrepreneurs.

Going into 2020 we’ve got a plan.

We will be taking things to the next level. It’s a new year, it’s a new decade and we have a whole new lineup of ideas coming your way.

Dollas Kitchen

What we are most excited about it definitely our Celebration Around the World Tour.

Sometime last year one of the Dollas said “we should take famous meals and make them vegan”, and another Dolla said, “let’s go around the world and celebrate international cuisine and culture”.

We will be launching our first tour next week Tuesday, starting in a country that has taken over our imaginations; Armenia.

The point of the series will be to look at local cuisine, to replicate the flavors and the tastes and textures. Then we will make a recipe where we incorporate all the techniques into a South African Vegan version that is both easy to make and delicious.

In 2020 we will be opening our vegan kitchen.

You will be able to order the week’s meal from us, either the traditional one or the South African version. You can order to cook it yourself, we will provide all the ingredients, or you can order it cooked and ready to go. Delivery is free in Henley.

We will be publishing a lot of content in connection to this series, taking you all through the process of preparing it with us.

Dollas Plaas

We had an amazing relaxed holiday season.

We ate too much, saw old friends and family. We went swimming at a neighbours house, we napped and lounged, and bing watched all the best tv shows.

The farm has gotten ahead of us, quite a bit.

We got a lot of work for this month and for the whole of summer. We decided we will be taking you along on this journey as well.

Look out for a monthly Plaas Update every last Monday.

Dollas Products

All the old favorites will be returning and we will keep adding to the list.

This time around we will be focusing a bit more on our direct to customer deliveries, but you can still find us at all of our amazing stockist, Serendipity Farm Stall and Windmill Coffee Shop

We will keep you updated on all the Markets that we do, as usual. Look out for the 2019 Christmas Market Recap at About Time.

We are getting back to work and we are excited, but in conclusion of our first blog post of 2020, just a quick schmaltzy thank you.

We are at times a scared of all our hopes and dreams, thinking we do not deserve to have them or we can’t accomplish it. Other times we are impatient, but you all, all our Dollas and Mister Dollas keep us consistent. Thank you.

See you soon Dollas, happy new year.

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