Dollas Journal entry 10

Nog Gnocchi Bokkie?

Dollas made gnocchi! We did it in a fashion the Italians can be proud of. It was a loud, talking occasionally shouting group of woman; mixing, kneading and shaping as it has been done for – I am sure – plenty of years. We felt ourselves part of the ages of food; its history, present and future. Sometime from now there will be a documentary discussing the influence the vegan community had on the tradition and development of food worldwide.

Yes, it was all very grand and…just a little bit tiring. 7kg of exhaustion in the shape of green gnocchi tiring.

We started with enthusiasm, what is a bag of potatoes? We have peeled that much potatoes before. Cooking it, still laughing, we have cooked more than this. Mashing, who is scared of mashing? Mixed in the flour and spinach sauce, still not feeling daunted, this is fun. Next came the thorough mixing into a malleable doug-ish-kinda-pasta-but-not-really ball. The next stage is, rolling out long strings of the dough, cutting them into pillows that are then rolled into the decided upon aesthetic of gnocchi. This is a challenge yes, but excitement reigned as we dropped the first gnocchi into the boiling water, suddenly anxious that we had done something wrong and they won’t cook and float to the top. Minutes ticked by, in a quiet kitchen as we waited.

It floated! It cooked! It was a beautiful green. Dollas have succeeded in making gnocchi.

We rolled out more dough strings. Our backs slightly aching. But we are making gnocchi, who cares? We cut out heaps of pillows, this is a process, we need to stay brave. Rolling them into the shape…who decided on this rolling step, anyway?

The ball of greenish dough from which we so painstakingly extract our gnocchi is not shrinking. More dough strings. Our ankles are starting to complain. More dumplings. This is all becoming a little much now. More rolling out the shapes. We are no longer having fun.

This Italian version of a dumpling, this sort-of-but-not-real-pasta food, nearly broke us. We started spreading out the cooked green gnocchi in all the large containers we owned, staking them on all available surfaces in the kitchen. The ball of greenish dough is shrinking little by little, the army of green gnocchi taking over the Dollas Kitchen.

We may have defeated the green dough, but I think the gnocchi won the day, they outnumbered us a hundred to one if not more. The laughter that was heard in our kitchen was the hysterical cackle of the exhausted and the shouting was for coffee to restore our courage. For the gnocchi still needed to be fried and dressed with salsa before we could call it a day.

Yes, Dollas made gnocchi and it nearly broke us. Still we must say that this Italian invention, this dumpling-pasta-thing was perhaps one of our proudest moments. But we don’t think we will be making it when the Vegan Food Influence Documentary crew come to our home for an interview in the future. But then Ma Dolla can still change her mind…

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Do some yoga to help back recuperate

□ Re-watch shrek (gnocchi made us remember this childhood favourite)

□ Find out why they decided on ‘that shape’ for gnocchi

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