Dollas Journal entry 13

Hello, my name is Tanika

A Dollas fan has recently borrowed Giggeldolla a book. Glossy cover. Pretty pictures. Beautifully designed. Motivational. 80 Graphic design challenges.

Challenge accepted. All 80 of them…

So for the foreseeable future Dollas Journal will be my journey through this book. (There is a chance of other books and other challenges, I just need to get my ducks in a row)

Challenge 01

Design a logo for yourself. You have 30 minutes. 10 minutes to answer a couple of questions.

What are my three strengths as a designer?

  • I like a new challenge (can’t you tell)
  • I learn fast, work fast
  • It is possible that I have an eye for design

My weaknesses?

  • I do not think I am really that good a designer (even though I sometimes think I might be)
  • I do not like to spend too much time on a design (flip side of working fast)
  • I do not have enough experience

What’s my favourite colour?

  • Blue

What designers do I love?

  • Don’t have any. Still brand new to this development of my live, so will go find one for inspiration.

What design work do I enjoy?

  • Logo’s

What kind of work do I want to in the future?

  • Web design. The next challenge I have my eyes on

I brain stormed ideas for a logo for 20 minutes. (It wasn’t too long nor to short, it was just the right amount of time) Playing around with triangles, proteas (my favourite flower) the doodle I most frequently draw when bored. Footprints (most loved painting in my room was inspiration) Coffee doodle (now that is my drink!) Music, who can live without it? The letters in my name…

The idea that stuck, that caught my eye, was an organic accident like most of my designs tend to be. It is egotistical, for sho. The logo is the letters of my name.

Hopefully these challenges will help me grow, and perhaps this can help build my experience to become the designer I want to be.

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Prepare for the next challenge

□ Find my designer-idol

□ Get my ducks in a row – Non-design challenges also waiting

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