Dollas Journal entry 16

Spring is in the air and the weeds have sprung

Just a few weeks ago the Highveld resembled a dead planet in some Ridley Scot movie. There was no colour to be seen, just trampled leaves and grass. My least favourite time of all seasons, the bitter end of winter. Everything covered in dust as the August winds hisses promise of a weather change.

The date and time I can not recall but the speck of green in our lawn was so beautiful. Look, maybe there is hope. A few more days and spring has sprung. Weeds standing tall – everywhere – yelling ‘new live.’ Dollas ventured into the garden after months of being locked inside. The weeds greeting us, daring us, laughing at us.

There is a hierarchy in the weed world. Your common place Suurtjies, are on the bottom rung. They grow everywhere; walls, sidewalks, garden beds. Removing them is no biggy, just a quick grab-twist-yank. A rung above them are the weeds with those long penwortels, they grow tall and have the ‘last-dandelion’ seed look about them. Removing them takes patience and a sturdy digging tool. Cause, we have all done this, we pass them and think: I’ll just real quickly get this…oef! You break off the top and know full well the root is still drinking water from a rice-paddy in China. Tomorrow two heads grow from that root, the hydra-weed I call it.

But the top dog of weeds, the master of all he surveys is the Dubbeltjie Doring. Goodness or badness more like. We have heard many remedies: Tarpaulin-suffocation. Trial by Fire. Gasoline-poisoning. While we have been planning a full-scale attack on these pierce-right-through-your-shoe-buggers, they have invaded our whole yard.

They can be found in herds, clusters of blood brother bonds. The younger taught by the older gnarly bluebeards. They grow strong and you can hack, light them up, trample them into the dust, they simply grow deeper and cling to Africa with all their strength. Making their way into your carpet, bed and underwear (c’mon, we have all dealt with that fun experience of fishing a dubbeltjie out of your pants)

Dollas have declared war on the Dubbeltjies. We have made use of recent technology as the Germans say: vorsprung durch technik, but the dubbeltjies laughed at the rotovator. They still grow strong. Therefore we have resorted to an old method, let the wisdom of the old ones guide us. The pick-ax has become an honorary member of the Dollas tribe. May the spirit of the ancients lead the way, may our pick hit true and the grass reclaims the land lost to the Dubbeltjie invader.

Dollas To-do list for the day:

□ Sharpen the pick-axe

□ Get the greenhouse back in order

The work begins….

□ Kill the weeds

Affirmation for the day: I am strong and fearless

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