Dollas Plaas Update

We have a lot to tell you. Let’s begin.


After several weeks of careful watering and monitoring the seeds and seedlings, we planted them.

A few quick things.

Before planting seedlings, acclimatize them to the sun and the wind, give them time to harden a bit. A little time outside the greenhouse every day.

We are not sure what we planted, specifically, but we can say it is Chillies, of some kind. Or all kinds. Odd Dolla says we will make Mixed Chili Sauces from now on. Ma Dolla never marked the trays, go figure that one.

We planted Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, and Tomatillo. Paprika, tarragon, basil and some more chilies, just for incase.

Tomatillo is a funky tomato, though not entirely. It is a fruit/vegetable that is commonly used in Mexican sauces and cuisine. Yes, that’s right, Mexican Dollas, Mexican, stay tuned.

We also planted Nightshade Berries.

Nightshade Berries.

Nastergal, Nagtegal, Nightingale, Nightshade. We are going to be making Jam Dollas, lost of jam.


We also planted a home Veg Patch. We planted radishes, kale( “kale” ), baby marrows, pak choi, rhubarb, baby tomatoes, baby peppers, and sweetcorn.

We planted them and the seedlings foot length apart, that is Odd Dolla or Ma Dollas foot, so like a petite size 4. (All except the Pak Choi, it was hot and we were tired, so all the seeds kinda fell in one great heap)

We also planted more chilli seeds, did I mention that?

We are still planting, even if all our seedlings and seeds did not grow, we have been crawling over the land for weeks. Even our neighbors have noticed and when invited to enjoy the Rugby with us quickly asked if we want help on the fields.


We started with a combination of Bonemeal, eggshells (crushed fine) and concentrated diatoms mixed into the specified areas. Ma Dolla wants to keep it organic, so no 2 3 2, or 4 5 6, only organics.

Because of the heat at the moment, we cover the seedlings with wood shavings, so they do not burn to death from the sun. (It’s tough being a seedling)

In the spirit of transparency we are down to just the wood shavings. Them damn dogs found the bonemeal and destroyed the bag completely, most of the eggshells and the diatoms are also laid to rest. Although one good breakfast of scrambled eggs for five people and we are back in business.

We are planting in the backyard, and in the front yard. We are sorting through years and years of weeds on our knees in the morning sun while a pair of owls and their babies watch over us.

When we first came to Henley this was the vision.

Hard work for our home, on our land. We are living our dream at the moment, and there is no sign of slowing down.

We will keep you all posted, there is more to tell and plenty to plan, and it is a real comfort being in this community.

From our immediate neighbors, the members of the CPF offering tips and advice on weather and shops, we never could have imagined the quality of support we have received. Thank you Henley, and stay tuned we may need help harvesting chillies when the time comes.

Happy summer Dollas and Mister Dollas, keep hydrated in this heat and enjoy yourselves.

Kom groot reen. Wosa imvula!

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