dollas winter skincare

South Africa’s Highveld winters’ are harsh between warm to cool dry days and icy cold evenings and frosty mornings. Taking special care of your skin is only a natural response and it should not cost you that much.

I’ve been making this moisturizing cream for years with aqueous cream and garden herbs. Calendula always being my preferred added ingredient. This year I’m adding gotu kola and lavender, also from my own garden.

Essential oils like rose, frankincense, myrrh, ylang-ylang is always added but in this case only used for fragrance.

I use a double boiler to melt the aqua cream down and then add the herbs. The emulsion is not supposed to come to a boil and to keep the heat long enough to extract the essential oils in the herbs. I was surprised at the amount of oil from the gotu kola.

Recipes call for coconut and olive oil but because we use it for face cream as well I only add the aqua. It will set again when cooled taking care to only cover when properly cooled, sweating will not allow long term use.

Happy moisturizing, Dollas.

2 thoughts on “dollas winter skincare”

  1. Hi
    Is there another more common name for gotu kola..I don’t know the name at all. How much coconut oil will you add if one prefers it?

    1. Hello there,

      Gotu Kola is always known as Indian Pennywort or Brahmi. It is commonly used for cellulite, burns, cuts or wounds, and eczema. When working with a 500ml tub like we did, standard for aqueous cream, we recommend no less than 100ml.


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