Henley WAM Festival 2019 Part 02 – Art

Any festival is a grand undertaking, we have a newfound respect for anyone out there willing or eager to start their own festival or even fun day.

The most complicated part of any organizing without a doubt is people. There are schedules, families, jobs, etc. Life carries on, for everyone.

We featured more than thirty artists last weekend for WAM, at 9 different venues. Not all were canvas artists either, we had cheesemakers, toymakers, crafters, glassmakers, and stained glass experts. For two whole days, we gathered artisans of all kinds from everywhere.

People traveled far and brought their best wares to exhibit in our Village, placing their faith in their businesses. We would like to thank every single one of you who attended and exhibited, without you the A in our festival is missing and that is not Gd.

Art is one of the most complex institutions in the world and we believe it should be celebrated in all its forms.

Let’s begin…

About Time Gift and Coffee Shop

Denise Phillips featured her art here the whole weekend. Out of the ordinary and bright, we are fans of this lady and thank her for coming out to see us.

Henley local Errol Scott’s work was also featured, the man himself was in the Drakensberg but we thank his daughter for letting his work shine.

Meeowy came through on Sunday, her lively and bright pieces brought a real sense of fun to our festivities and we hope to see her again soon.

Tannie Zibbeth Coetzee brought her lively works, the clowns were a personal favorite.

Camilla Jacobs Vereeniging photographer showcased her take on South African wildlife. Maybe next year we will see a lot more photographers.

Merchant Business Class Hotel

The indomitable ladies of Die Duif took over. They held an open-air art class on the patio and packed the conference center full of beauty and talent. We thank every one of them, their good humor was infectious. You can find them in Vereniging, they welcome everyone. Thank you Mattie Joubert, Erna Coleman, Reta Downey, Belinda Rheeder, Betti Goussard, en Hettie Hayword.

The Windmillers Highbury House

Drop into the Windmill Coffee Shop any time and you will find a million different things to look at. All handmade, all unique and special. For WAM Dee and the Windmill Staff called all their residents artists and crafters and the halls were packed. The variety brought new sights to the festival and we give our heartfelt thanks to them all.

Ella Kapella, Cinderena Art Sparkle, Denise Grenfell, Leandri Kirchner, Natalie Rooney. Thanking all the girls.

Ducks Country House

A large selection of art was on display for two days. We featured pottery, glass engraving, and canvas artists, the Red door conference centre celebrate the art of local Meyerton Primary school.

We are looking forward to working with these ladies and gentleman again, they celebrated colour and structure in all their pieces. Bravo. Wendy Voght, Inarie de Vaal, Shelley Thomson, Jeanine J v Vuuren, David Harisson and Natasja.

1904 the Original Henley

Ma Dolla booked 1904 as soon as we could. We faffed around about Odd Dolla a bit, but in the end, we decided both will exhibit at our favourite local Italian restaurant. We were excited to exhibit alongside Frits Van In, who brought his furniture and woodwork along, excellent, smooth finishes and precise workmanship. Thank you for joining us. ( One of his pieces was a glorious wooden table whitewashed with a blue tint, my heart pooped its pants. )

The Hound Pub and Bistro

The place for Fayne Wine featured the Scottish Sheila Santilhano, and Mary Cooper. Their work covered all tastes and desires, exquisite finishes and bold use of colour. These two dames were as much experience as their stunning art. Dollas want to be like them when we grow up, well done girls.

Twisted Realm Creations

Henley is full of artists, and Steve Vorster moved his restaurant to Henley on Klip to make a safe place for all of them.

Everything in Twisted Realms is a piece of art, the food, the dishes, and drinks. It is a comfortable emporium full of treasures.

Anne Woods of Woods Cheese had a table the whole weekend, and seriously people, get in touch with her. She has cheeses that we never tasted before, ranging from aged Cheddars, charcoal goat’s milk cheese, and some you never heard of.

A stop at Twisted Realms Creations will be worth the effort, all his artists are in-house and their pieces range from clothes to skincare, key chains, weed posters and jewellery, this is a must-see stop.

A special word of thanks to toymaker Lawrence for a magnificent motorbike display.

Molly’s Speakeasy

Sharon Hillhouse’s works are smooth, colorful and large enough for statement pieces. Yva Simson and Sue Webber joined her for an exciting display at Molly’s brand new garden.

Cheryl Bosch’s table is a must-see for any alternative spirit and anyone who appreciate beauty.

The garden was a zen paradise after a long day of wine tasting, and we want to shout out to all the hard-working staff members at Molly’s. They were literally running back and forth with enormous smiles on their faces.

Montagues Family Restaurant

The same six artists from last year displayed their talents again at this venue. Barbi Cunningham, Mike Burger, Lin Lopes, Adri Grobler, Lizette Jubber and Keith Herd. It was a marvelous display of flowers, dancers, fruit and veggies, trees and mountains. The vibe was vibrant and joyful.

A special thanks to all of them.

In conclusion, art is subjective but one thing is true, anything ejoyed with friends and with an open heart is art.

This festival introduced us to some of the most talented people we have ever met, we were intimidated and endeared in equal parts over this weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out, and major kudos to all those who sold pieces and we hope you put us down in your schedules for next year.

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