Henley WAM Festival Part 01- Wine

We want to cover all the aspects of our festival, we were arrogant and thought we could sum it up real quick, but it’s going to be a Dollas series.

We begin at the beginning—– The wine.

We are not wine experts, but that is why we have Robert Hewer. He ran the wine, and we salute you Robert, well done.

We are going to take this as we visited the Venues, starting with….

Ducks Country House

This gorgeous venue featured La Couronne, one of the oldest wines on the whole route. Pa Dolla loved this one, the Pinotage in particular, which is their best-rated wine.

As no great wine drinker, Baby Dolla stood by for moral support and must agree, La Couronne Pinotage is beautiful, easy to drink and it does not punish you when you swallow.

Their lighter wines were pretty dry and we preferred the red.

The Hound Pub and Bistro

The second stop on our route, and here things got interesting.

Baby Dolla, as a newbie wine taster, does not think about wine, but the vineyards think enough about it for you not to worry. Each vineyard knows exactly what it wants, and each step of the process is planned towards that end. Not all wines are created similarly, this is obvious of course, but a revelation to this newbie.

Durbanville Hills was a highlight for me. Designed to be light, a beach wine. Baby started with the bubbly, and it was beautiful. Durbanville Hills is an informal wine with strong flavours and well-developed undertones, Baby loved it.

Alvi’s Drift is a new wine (relatively speaking) and it is taking the wine world by storm. Awards and praise are flooding in, and we understand why. The reds were beautiful, complex and well structured. We were particularly excited about the Pinot Noir, a wine Baby wanted to taste because she heard about it on a TV Show. Lovely.

Twisted Realm Creations

Baby was most excited about tasting Tall Horse Wines, and they did not disappoint. They promise a wine that will fit with everything, and this wine definitely will. Speaking as a newbie it was definitely the easiest wine, if that makes sense. It went down smoothly, not too sweet, not too dry, a comfortable sweet spot of inoffensive deliciousness.

This was where Ma and Pa Dolla decided Baby needs a break- she is getting loud and we have to preserve appearances.

1904 the Original Henley

Ma Dolla’s art was at this venue, and at all times one of the Dollas had to be on site. Odd Dolla and Baby did a quick switch.

The wine at our local Italian Restaurant was Welmoed Wines.

This was boasted as the best wine on the whole route, and although we can’t compare wines, it was delicious. The darks were well developed, the lighter ones, which we discovered to be either sweet or sour, were well balanced. Pa Dolla liked it, making a purchase after only a few sips.

Here Baby stepped out and can’t speak about the flavours directly.

Windmillers Highbury House

The next stop on the route featured Papillon, and Odd Dolla and GiggelDolla liked this one. Pa Dolla did not say much. We will go with the workforce’s opinion, as unfamiliar with wine as Baby they determine taste with ‘can I drink it’ and the answer was yes, and we will.

Merchant Business Class Hotel

This stop was the one Baby was truly sad to miss.

It featured the biggest selection of vineyards, including the highly anticipated De Krans, Glen Carlou and Bayede.

Pa Dolla purchased De Krans, so he obviously liked it. Odd and Giggel, our babes, did say Bayede had a strong fresh aftertaste.

About Time Gift and Coffee Shop

Here Baby rejoined the team, to sample Almost Zero. It is not glorified sparkling water, there were strong undertones and overtones. Not a favourite for Giggel but Odd did like the taste.

Pa Dolla did not try it.

Molly’s Speakeasy

Groenland, Landskap and Stellenbosch Vineyard stock was nearly depleted when we reached the Speakeasy.

Stellenbosch Vineyard was basically cleared out. Groenland was delicious, Landskap also. The wine was well balanced and developed with many undertones and overtones. Pa Dolla loved Groenland, and we brought some home.

Montagues Family Restaurant

Perle de Jean Pinot Grigio is delicious, we threatened the wine rep if he did not have any left when we reached him. He got lucky and we got the very last of the bottle. It was delicious.

Nederburg’s whites were refreshing and we enjoyed it.

We should also note, as inexperienced wine drinkers we usually reach a point of satisfaction and this was where we reached it.

The route was long and there were many stops along the way. Each vineyard brought a unique taste to each unique venue and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Our wine stock was duly replenished for future use and enjoyment.

See you next year at WAM, Dollas and Pa Dollas.


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