Oyster Mushroom Vegan flatbread

Love, love, love, love, love

Today we would like to introduce you to some mushrooms.

Berg Oyster Mushrooms is a South African family-run business, specializing in exotic mushrooms. Stephan and Marilize Small are the dynamic pair at the forefront of this undertaking. They cultivate the mushrooms and grow them themselves, they are certified organic with SOFA, and a while ago they reached out to us.

We are now proud agents of this niche local farm, and to mark this special occasion we are making our favourite Armenian flatbreads.

Full flatbread recipe available here.

Today we are focusing on mushroom toppings.

Description An exotic mushroom with a meaty, velvety texture, an ideal protein replacement packed with health benefits, it is anti-inflammatory, boost brain health, lower cholesterol levels and packed with antioxidants.

For the first flatbread, we used fresh oyster mushrooms prepared with chopped fresh parsley fried in Dollas own Vegan Butter, Berg’s mushroom salt and added nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavour,

Description Our Oyster Mushrooms are sundried for several days before packaging. Rehydrate mushrooms for 20 minutes in boiled water or milk and use in any dish, soup or gravy.  You can also use the broth as this is where the flavour is.  You can also throw them dried in any dish, soup or sauce as the liquid of the dish will rehydrate them. Mushroom soups made from dried mushrooms are excellent.

For the second topping, we used sweet caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes and the sundried mushrooms.

Dollas approved: 5/5

Both toppings were special and easy to make.

You can find their full list of products at the link.

Their bottled goods were mindblowing, mushroom chutney, mushroom pickles, and mushroom tapenade.

We strongly encourage you to check out their website, they are experts in all things mushrooms and can explain all the health benefits and history of this amazing edible fungi.

In our own words, we have only this to say, ‘dit is besonders lekker’. The texture of the oyster is brilliant for adding a touch of heartiness to your meals. The flavour is delicate and absorbent.

You can order these delicious and healthy mushrooms from us now, and use them in your own kitchen.

Happy cooking Dollas.

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