The Dollas Method

Today we are going to talk about salt, Dollas Finishing Salts. How we do it, what we’ve learnt and a few random facts.

Phase One: Preparation

This part is straightforward but requires attention to detail. Deciding what flavours to combine is key, one we will not discuss in too much depth as yet.

We use Himalayan Salt, some coarse and some fine as the base. Seasonal ingredients are added and we use no preservates.

We chop the ingredients fine, to quicken the process.

Phase Two: The Drying Process

All ingredients are mixed together and then left to dry naturally. In areas with higher humidity, an oven can be used but that compromises the colour.

The process is natural, and after a day or two of full sun, the flavour will develop into a glorious sensation.

Phase Three : Grind it good

Sieve the larger bits and pieces out and grind.

Repeat after me, I solemnly promise to never use the coffee grinder to grind the coffee, it is a holy tool for spices.

Every one of our recipes Ma Dolla developed herself, and every salt range she chops and grinds by hand. The workforce assists now and standby, taking copious notes for she rarely commits her recipes to paper.

Keep this in mind with any range of products we put out. All our recipes are completely unique and seasonal.

We have recipes for the Connoisseur Ranges, though our Braaimixes is a different story. So keep your eyes open, we will feature once-off products, and those will be the ones you definitely do not want to miss.

Now it will be remiss of us not to mention the health thing.

We are not going to give ourselves out as dieticians or experts, though we will advise moderation in all things. Because we don’t use any preserving or anti-caking agents we like to believe it more healthy. Remember, our salts pack such a flavourful punch you only need a little at a time.

Happy cooking.

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