The Monthly: July Review

Dollas, dollas, dollas

We are nearing the end of the winter season, sing with me.

Anyway, now we look back on the month of July, to salivate, explain, and celebrate. First things first, thanks to all our Vegan Dollas who support us, without you Dollas we would just be one Dolla, and das not good.

Okay, here we go.

Week one, Menu 6

Stand-out : Beer Batter ‘fish and chip’

We were never a fish ‘n chips household, Odd Dolla cannot stand the little fish-bones, and I have had enough of tomato sardines, never again.

However, Ma Dolla liked the flavors of a good batter fish, and we had nori. So we made the most amazing ‘fish’ patties, flavored with all the traditional spices and batter with literally the most delicious batter ever. It was so good, we used the remaining batter to make fritters, which could have been ghost pops, absolutely delicious.

Without the little fish bones.

Week two, Menu 7

When Ma Dolla plans the menu, she thinks of the ingredients for themselves, not merely meat substitutes. But this week we wanted to do something special.
Vegan Wors Roll

We don’t often do it the traditional way in our Kitchen, but for this meal, we used fresh white buns, lightly toasted. We made fresh salad, finely chopped, and we topped our organic homemade ‘wors’ with our new favourite thing, salsa.

Week three, Menu 8

We have always loved Falafel, Pa Dolla is obsessed with the little chickpea nuggets. And it must be perfect, or he doesn’t eat it. The man is a purist.

So Ma Dolla went the extra mile, and we made our own Pita.

Pa Dolla was pleased, and we ate most of it ourselves.

Week four, Menu 9

We mentioned we like salsa, allow me to elabrate.

We are obsessed with salsa. We eat it, morning, noon and night. It is amazing and we made Mexican Food twice because it was so good.

And there is lot more where that came from.

Happy eating Dollas, now August…

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