The Monthly: June in Review

At the beginning of June, Ma Dolla got a new plan. Or was it Baby, or Giggel, at this point who cares. Let’s start a weekly menu.

Ma Dolla planned ahead to Summer, she planned a meal every day of the week for June, July, and August. The Vegan Meal Club grew extensively in a short time, and when we announced our menu, we got busy.

All the Dollas cramped into the kitchen, for hours at a time, laughing and singing, shouting, and preaching, there were no tears.

Ma Dolla is not a recipe person, she changes, and disagrees, she is an Intuitive Chef and she has never failed us. Since starting Dollas we have gotten her to stick to recipes, even make them herself. And to everyone’s surprise, hers more than ours, she likes recipes. She loves knowing what to cook every night, something new, something interesting.

Week one

The first week was slow in starting, not many people were sure what to make of Vegan French Toast. The soup and curry were hits, but we need to talk about the Pizza.

Baby Dolla made Vegan Cheese, and making a pizza is something every Vegan must do at least once in their life. So we made a pizza, and it was incredible. We topped it with tomato, of course, fresh herbs, and the delicious homemade vegan cheese, which had exactly the perfect texture. It kept the texture after being reheated, and it does not melt, but no one is perfect.

Then the big one, which got us at the Bakery at OK super early, Vegan Bunnychow.

Pa Dolla grew up in Durban, eating Bunny Chow and proper curry, from the originators of this Culinary marvel. We lived in Durban for a few years ourselves, and came the appreciate the intricate differences between ‘Curry’ and ‘Kerrie’. When we moved back Pa Dolla despaired of ever finding another proper Bunnychow, he got his kicks at Montagues, their Bunny Chow was the best in the county, without a doubt…

Until Ma Dolla made ours.

Fun fact, when living in Durban, all the execs who came down to the Seaside for whatever important reason all went to the same restaurant every time and bought Bean Curry. It is the best, better than the lamb, the beef, even the potatoes. So we were not nervous, or rather, being honest, a Dolla is never nervous, never intimated or frightened. So we made 18 bunnychows in one day, 18.

Week two

Before initiating the Weekly Menu, we made Pancakes. Pannekoeke. Loads. Loads. And. Loads. Of . Pannekoeke.

With cinnamon and sugar, delivered warm with the sugar melted to perfection.

So naturally we decided to make it for the Menu, prepared Savoury. It was tricky packaging, but Giggeldolla is a folding wunderkind and we sorted it out. It was delicious.

Soup with Dumplings were a given, and the soup proved a real hit, we made several off menu for a special Bokka.

The Macaroni Bake was another revelation, did you know that Cremora is a Vegan product, no animal products in it. Ma Dolla made the most delicious ‘Cheese Sauce’ and we made our very own Mac and Cheese.

We’ve been stuffing Butternut for years, it is near a traditional menu, consult Suzelle DIY. South Africans have been stuffing pumpkins for years. We made it for our Meal Club, and oh my word, pumpkin is underrated. Just saying.

Then came something new, something delicious, something from Cape Town. Ma Dolla saw it on YouTube from a lovely South African Youtuber, Fatima Sydow. The Gatsby Sandwich, this ‘brodjie’ is so famous they are making it in Germany, all Vegan. We went to OK again, thanks to Carlos and his amazingly helpful staff, for slap tjips. Properse Slap Tjips. Ma Dolla mixed up the most delicious sweet curry beans and we packed up our way to culinary heaven.

Week Three

Whenever winter rolls around, everything is somber and dry outside, we always get a craving for something green. For years we made ‘uitsit kos’, which was really just a big hors d’ouvres plate of chopped up vegetables and whatever fruits are in season. It put something bright back into our lives.

So we made Wraps, starting the week on a light note, to make up for the sins of the Gatsby.

Soup is the winter food staple, isn’t it?

Then we tackled another traditional favourite, Shepard’s Pie. We live for potatoes, mashed, chips, literally any form, we love potatoes.

Ma Dolla has been making Curry for years, she makes it hot, spicy, exotic, never boring, never bland. But this was the first time she made Korma, and our Dollas fawned over it. This traditionally creamy curry was easy to make, substituting with Coconut Milk and the decadent Coconut Cream.

Armenian Bread is near a staple in our home these days, again potatoes, we love potatoes.

Week Four

Ma Dolla is a creative at heart, taken to all kinds of experiments, usually last minute without practising it beforehand. And when she says she is going to make a Spinach and Mushroom Pie, this does not mean a dough pie. It means whatever she wants it too.

When planning for the Lasagne Ma Dolla had her own plan, but when the day came, used springroll leaves instead of eggplant. We made lentils, chopped up some zucchini and it was a dream.

Carrot and Ginger Soup, cause, soup.

Chana Dal Vindaloo is a tomato based curry, and our Dollas have a real love of spicy curry.

Vegan Burgers ended this week on a familiar note. Save this time, Ma Dolla made mushrooms fried with onions. At this point you probably know, it was amazing. Also, please note, we made carrot chips, oven baked carrot chips.

Week Five

We had to include this one.

And we need to talk Sweet ‘n Sour. What is this flavour that has defined Chinese Cuisine in our country for decades? How is is done, when and how?

Ma Dolla knows, Sichuan, she researched until she got to the source and she followed the recipes used by most Chinese cooks and Chefs. Now let me tell you, Sweet ‘n Sour has never been my favourite, but when Ma Dolla followed the old world recipe and dished it with fried Egg plant, yes Dollas, Egg Plant fried like chips, it became my absolute favorite.

We broke out the Wok again for our stir fry. The last time we used it, people got burnt, there were loud words, and we vowed never to show fear again. This time around there were no injuries and everything came out perfectly.

And the last meal for June is the one today, Cabbage Bredie.

Of this we will talk next month.

Honourable Mentions

  • Veggie Patties

We have been making vegan burger patties since we started, all kinds of beans. Red beans, blackbeans, soy, and now our newest addition Nori Patties. We made loads, and loads and loads.

  • Tofu

Ma Dolla wanted to make Tofu. When we started we did not intend tofu, but Ma Dolla did. And she makes it from scratch. She makes it with chickpea floar. She goes through the whole process, from scratch. When we told the club we make it, we sold plenty. We use it for scramble eggs, and plenty of our Dollas intended to use it the same way.

  • Rusks ( this is a dumb word ) Beskuit

We got a request from one of our club members, more a question really. Do you make Vegan beskuit?

We immediately set to google and Pinterest. Giggeldolla got a recipe from a lady in America, who had to explain what it is. Can you imagine growing up without beskuit? We can’t, so we made some for the Vegans, and oh boy, it’s good. We usually eat up most of the batches ourselves.

  • Chocolate Cake

This one was another of Giggeldolla’s ideas. She has been making chocolate cake since she was twelve, and finally she made it without animal products. It makes a hard crust, the inside is perfectly moist and it is even better the morning after. We will be selling these pretty soon. So keep your eyes open.

  • And we rolled Samoesas…

Samoesa fun everytime. Always available.

These last couple of weeks our business has taken many new shapes. Morphing and transforming before our eyes. With a shock we remembered it is our Birthday Month. We looked back at the First Art in the Park, WAM, and all the amazing markets we have attended. We did not anticipate we would get here, we doubt anyone could have planned for 2020 turning out the way it has. But we are really glad we got to do it with our Neighbours, in Henley on Klip. We have recieved so much support, positive encouragement and feedback, we got our little spot here on the Klip River. Ma Dolla can go as crazy as she wants in our kitchen, and this village is enough of a Foodie Paradise that we can get away with all of it.

To all our Dollas, neighbors and everyone who is watching and reading, we are not nearly close to done.

Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned, we got plenty more coming your way.

Happy July Dollas, may you always have good food, a warm bed, and friends who are ready to try anything. Stay Healthy.

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