Two-step Baked Potatoes

Dolla believes everyone should share in the wonder of potatoes, so we share our obsession with one of our easiest and fanciest dishes.

You will need already cooked potatoes, onions, and some salt. We recommend Dollas Garlic Onion.

Cook them potatoes sommer in the microwave, in a big dish, add some boiling water and put the lid on.

While you wait, entertain yourself. Listen to music, watch some Youtube, browse our website, whatever you feel like doing. Though be sure to preheat the oven.

When the potatoes are soft, this is very important, they must be soft. Place them on a baking tray and squash them flat. You can be hard, rough, or gentle and caring, this is a personal choice. Garnish with some onion, add salt, some extra garlic if you like, some fresh chives, and olive oil. If you do not add the oil the potatoes won’t brown. Try jalapenos and cream cheese or biltong and brie. Decisions, decisions!

Are you still with us? Good, put the tray in the oven until the onions are soft or crunchy and brown, just like you prefer. Serve as a side dish, or do what we did, make it in the morning and pick it off the tray while frying some eggs.

Happy cooking.

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